Hand pouring Kawasaki 4-Cycle Engine Oil into funnel.

Give your engine the life it was engineered to have by maintaining it with our line of genuine parts. Our oils, filters, parts, and tune-up kits have all been uniquely formulated and designed to help you get years of power and performance out of your engine.

Kawasaki KTECH Oils

Not all oils are created the same. In fact, using the wrong oil in commercial-grade equipment could lead to costly repairs or even a total replacement. Kawasaki KTECH oil is made specially for mower engines and other landscaping equipment—engines that run hard and hot through every summer schedule and marathon workday. It’s oil engineered to the same strict standards as Kawasaki engines.

Kawasaki KTECH<span style="font-size:.5em;vertical-align: super;">™</span> Oils

Kawasaki KTECH Fuels

From reduced maintenance downtime and long-term storage to improved throttle response and more dependable starts, Kawasaki KTECH fuels are engineered to do what strictly ethanol gasolines can’t—safeguard against moisture, oxidization, phase separation, and gummy deposits. Plus, they’re specially developed for use in both carburetor and fuel-injection systems.

Kawasaki KTECH Fuels

Genuine Parts

An engine is only as good as its maintenance. From tune-up kits and filters for regular maintenance to genuine replacement parts for a longer life, our genuine parts are designed to keep your engine running at its best and keep you working.

Genuine Parts

Made to Work

Learn how each of our engines is designed and built to tackle the toughest jobs out there.

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